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KAUpdate Software Installation and Usage

Updates to some Kilpatrick Audio products are loaded over MIDI using the custom KAUpdate firmware loader tool.

System Requirements:

  • Computer with MIDI interface running either Windows or Linux (OS X is not currently supported)
  • MIDI interface with IN and OUT ports (only for devices which lack USB ports)
  • Oracle Java JRE 1.7 or later - download a Java runtime environment
  • KAUpdate software: KAUpdate-1.05 - ZIP containing a runnable Jar file


We offer no support for the information or programs / code presented here. Every computer is a bit different so it is impossible to test all possible scenarios with our small team. If you brick your unit or would like us to update it for you, we offer a FREE update service. (not including shipping) Simply send us your unit and we will upgrade and test it free of charge.

KAUpdate Software Demo Video

Firmware Update Procedure

Select MIDI Ports and Update File

Select the MIDI IN and OUT ports that are connected to the product. Browse for the firmware update file. Do not rename the file as the specific extension is meaningful.

  • When updating K1600 firmware: Set the MIDI switch to THRU.
  • When updating a module connected to a K1600 internally: Set the MIDI switch to OUT.

Start the update

Make sure that your product is on and then press Update to start the procedure.

  • When updating a K1600 firmware: Turn on the power to the module after pressing the Update button.

Wait for the Update to Complete

The update procedure should complete in less than 1 minute. If you see an error or the progress bar doesn't increase right away then check your connections and try again. The procedure will fail if the product doesn't respond within 10 seconds.

Power Cycle the Product

Unplug and plug in your product to boot up in the new firmware. You should now be able to take advantage of the new features!

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