KCARBON Bootloader Loader

This program lets you install the MIDI bootloader on CARBON so you can update your firmware via the KAUpdate tool from now on. If you are running firmware 1.21 or later you do not need to use this tool.


  • It is only necessary to install the CARBON bootloader once. After that you can always update your firmware by using KAUpdate tool.
  • After installing the bootloader using this tool you must use KAUpdate to install the actual CARBON application firmware.
  • Uses WebUSB to communicate with your device. Currently only Chrome and Opera browsers are supported. Make sure you have the latest browser version before proceeding.
  • You will need to authorize this site to access your CARBON device. If you have problems please read up on WebUSB and how to use it in your browser. We cannot help troubleshoot your browser or computer settings.
  • This program has no warranty! If you do not feel comfortable updating the firmware on your device we will gladly help you for free. (plus shipping costs)

To install the CARBON bootloader on your CARBON sequencer do the following:

  1. Unplug all cables from CARBON.
  2. Hold the power button while plugging in the power cable. The screen should be off and some LEDs may light randomly.
  3. Plug a USB A to B cable from the USB TO PC on CARBON to your computer.
  4. Press the Connect button below and choose the STM32 BOOTLOADER target in the popup dialog and press Connect.
  5. Press the Download button and wait until the process completes.
  6. Unplug the power and USB cables from CARBON.
  7. If there is a problem reload the webpage and try all steps again.
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