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K6 // Voltage Processor

Kilpatrick Format Voltage Utility Module - 1 Space

The K6 Voltage Processor is a workhorse utility module. It has voltage interfaces to convert audio signals to and from the outside world. It is completely analog with carefully designed mixers and amplifiers designed to offer maximum versatility in a single space module. With a very dense panel that is still easy to use, the K6 Voltage Processor solves a number of problems with simple, easy-to-use sections.

Audio Buffers

Audio buffers are used to get signals to and from external audio equipment. Specifically designed for audio, these signals aren't designed for connecting CVs to other gear. (for that you simply need an adapter cable from banana to whatever you need) Four inputs provide gains of 4x to boost line level signals to the level needed by the system. Feed your drum machine or audio tracks through the synth to make crazy effects. Two outputs provide buffered outputs with attenuation of 4x to bring hot signals on the synth down to level level.

Buffered Mixers with Gain

Four identical buffered mixers are provided that each have two buffered inputs. A master gain control adjusts the gain from 0-2x linearly. Useful for both audio and CV signals, you can use this to add and scale signals between modules. Both normal and inverted outputs are available at the same time which is useful in making equal and opposite control voltages for panning and the like. A bi-colour LED shows green for positive signals and red for negative signals, with relative intensity to the signal level.

Simple Buffered Mixers

Two identical buffered mixers are available that each provide a single normal output. Want to mix audio or CV signals together properly? Just use the simple buffered mixers. A bi-colour LED shows green for positive signals and red for negative signals, with relative intensity to the signal level.

Source Selector

The source selector is a manual and voltage-controlled signal selector and swapper. Two input (A and B) and two outputs (A and B) are patched either A->A and B->B or A-B, B->A depending on the front panel setting or voltage control level on the SEL input. Each channel is buffered and the signal can be switched very fast - even at audio rates.

Dual Voltage Source

Sometimes you just want a manually controlled voltage. The dual buffered pots provide voltages from -5V to +5V.


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