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Founder, Andrew Kilpatrick


Kilpatrick Audio was founded by Andrew Kilpatrick to pursue the design of unique and high quality music and audio electronics. Kilpatrick is a skilled and dedicated electronics designer with years of professional experience in both hardware electronics and software design. In addition, Kilpatrick is a classically trained vocalist and skilled multi-instrumentalist. His passion for both music and electronics design gives him unique insight in the design process which combines art and technology.

QP Tharmviboonsri designs the look of Kilpatrick Audio products, packaging and online marketing. With years of experience in graphic design and communication arts, he puts his artistic touch on every product.

Kilpatrick Audio is: Andrew Kilpatrick (founder, electronics, code, design) and QP Tharmviboonsri (graphic design, business management, voice of reason) - Many thanks to our dedicated team members who have helped us in the shop.

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Email: andrew@kilpatrickaudio.com
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Kilpatrick Audio products are designed by Andrew and QP in Montreal, Canada.

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