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If you have always wanted to be able to edit the patterns, motions and scales on your K4815 or K4816, now you can! After much hacking we are pleased to announce a brand new firmware version for the K4815/16 with many improvements, including the ability to load new content on the fly into the internal flash memory. And the best part is that it's free!

Important Note: The firmware update procedure, and the KPatternEdit software are provided for free from Kilpatrick Audio so that you can get even more enjoyment from your module. But there is NO WARRANTY provided for the firmware, upload procedure or the KPatternEdit software. We will gladly accept bug reports but cannot offer help with a particular setup.

Features and Specs

  • Edit patterns, motions and scales
  • Instantly upload either one item or a whole bank over MIDI
  • Load and save banks of patterns, motions and scales and share them with your friends
  • Written in Java - Runs on multiple platforms (Linux untested)

System requirements:

  • Computer with MIDI interface running either Windows or OS X
  • MIDI breakout for the K4815 such as the K1600 MIDI Converter or KMIDI Interface
  • The K4816 contains built-in MIDI ports and is ready to go!
  • Oracle Java JRE 1.7 - download a Java runtime environment
  • New K4815/16 firmware ver. 1.21 or later: Firmware Updates
  • KPatternEdit software: KPatternEdit-1.02-win.zip - Windows - requires Java JRE 7 or higher
  • KPatternEdit software: KPatternEdit-1.02-mac.zip - Mac OS X - requires Java JRE 7 or higher
    • Note for OS X: You must turn off Gatekeeper or it will give you an error that the file is "damaged".
    • Note in 2017: Java + MIDI doesn't currently work on modern macOS version because one of the libraries included in Java (mmj) is no longer compatible with CoreMIDI. Until we have a chance to update this you won't be able to use KPatternEdit on a a Mac. Sorry about this. :(

Using the KPatternEdit Software

Using the KPatternEdit software requires that you have already updated your Pattern Generator firmware to version 1.21 or later. You must connect the MIDI interface on your computer to the MIDI IN on the Pattern Generator.

A Note about Flash Endurance

The Pattern Generator stores patterns, motions and scales internally in flash memory. The memory has a high (but not unlimited) number of times that it can be written. We recommend only updating the memory interactively with the KPatternEdit application and not using scripts or programs to repeatedly change the contents. The concept behind the editor is to load the Pattern Generator with fresh or different content, and then use it stand-alone without the editor software running.

Want to make your own software?

Are you a hacker and want to upload content to the Pattern Generator without our software? Let us know and we will send you the protocol docs.

K4815 Pattern Editor - Sneak Peak

Check out the sneak peak of the KPatternEdit software in action!

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