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CARBON Bootloader Installation for Windows 10 and macOS

The CARBON Bootloader released in 2019 allows the CARBON sequencer to be updated using our new KAUpdate Firmware Updater tool using WebMidi technology. No software or firmware files need to be downloaded, simply visit the page and perform the installation.

We will explain the process for Windows 10, but the process for macOS is similar and a bit simpler. (please see the macOS install video below) Please note that we no longer make updates for the tool used in this process so you proceed at your own risk! If you can't make this tool work with your computer, try another machine. As a last resort, we can arrange to install the update for you if you send us your CARBON. We will install and test it free of charge. (you pay for shipping)


Installing CARBON Bootloader on Windows 10

Note: Depending on your security settings it may be necessary to run these programs as Administrator. On a default Windows 10 installation you should be prompted when necessary, but if you have any trouble installing or running the software please check this.

Step 1 - Install the Zadig USB Driver

  • Download the Zadig 2.3 libusb Driver and unzip it to a directory
  • Run the Zadig software
  • Hold the power button down while plugging in the power cable to CARBON

  • Plug the USB cable from the PC to CARBON
  • The device should be detected by Zadig. Choose it from the dropdown box: STM32 BOOTLOADER and press Install WCID Driver - wait for the driver installation to complete

  • Close the Zadig software and unplug both the USB cable and the power cable from CARBON

Step 2 - Install the KAUpdate Software (downloaded version)

  • Download the KAUpdate-1.08-win32.exe software installer
  • Install it on your PC by running the downloaded program - it may be necessary to agree to privilege escalation according to your windows settings
  • After installing you may get an error, but the installation has likely completed successfully

Step 3 - Download and Install the CARBON Bootloader

  • Download the CARBON Bootloader 1.01 bootloader package
  • Unzip the .zip file to a directory - this results in a .dfu file containing the bootloader
  • Run the KAUpdate software and select DFU mode
  • Browse for the DFU file you just unzipped
  • While holding down the power button, plug in the CARBON power cable again
  • Once the CARBON is powered, plug the USB from your PC to CARBON
  • Wait a few seconds and then press Update in the KAUpdate software to install the bootloader
  • Unplug the USB cable and power cable from CARBON
  • Exit the KAUpdate application

Step 4 - Install the latest CARBON Firmware using WebMidi

  • Make sure you are not running any MIDI or audio software on your computer
  • Using Chrome or another WebMidi compatible browser launch the KAUpdate Firmware Updater
  • It might be necessary to agree to allow KAUpdate to control your MIDI ports - you must agree to this for the web application to work
  • Hold the RUN/STOP and RECORD buttons on CARBON and plug in the power cable - a red screen should appear

  • Plug in the USB cable from the PC to CARBON
  • Wait for the CARBON USB MIDI device to be detected and installed - Windows should pop up a prompt when the device is ready to use
  • Select the latest CARBON firmware version from the Product Type list in the KAUpdate page - keep track of the version number for later
  • Press the Rescan button
  • Select CARBON from the MIDI OUT and MIDI IN ports
  • Press the Update button and wait for the installation to complete
  • Unplug the USB cable and power cable from CARBON
  • Close the KAUpdate browser tab

Step 5 - Test the Result

  • Plug the power cable in to CARBON (not holding any buttons)
  • Power up CARBON using the power button
  • Hold SHIFT and press SYS - the version number shown on the screen should match the version you just installed from the KAUpdate tool
  • For future updates, only steps 4 and 5 need to be completed
  • Enjoy your new firmware!

Installing CARBON Bootloader on macOS

Please check out the video below for instructions on performing this process on macOS. This requires OS X 10.12 or later. The step-by-step process is the same as for Windows 10 except that no device drivers need to be installed.

Troubleshooting Tips

Computers can be funny, and unfortunately even clear step-by-step instructions are not able to cover every possible scenario. Also USB is known to be finicky even after all these years.

The most common problem with firmware updates and bootloader installation is that either the USB device is not detected, or the application cannot see the device. Unplugging and replugging the USB device, rebooting the device or PC, or trying different USB ports are all known ways of overcoming problems. Unfortuantely low-level processes like firmware updates are not often good at handling or recovering from errors. The best choice is to start over.

If you have issues with the device partially updating and then failing, there is most likely another program or process interfering with the USB port. Perhaps the driver is not fully installed, so just wait a moment before starting. Once again rebooting the PC and only running the applications needed is usually the best way to ensure success.

Lastly, if you have tried everything and still can't get it to work, unfortunately it might just be that your computer has some software or drivers which are preventing proper operation. Trying the process on a different computer might help.

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