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Common questions about our guitar products.

How is the noise level of your pedals?

Kilpatrick Audio pedals are designed for top-quality sound. They have very good noise performance compared with most pedals. Keep in mind though that some types of effects such as reverb and delay tend to build up sound and therefore the noise level might seem to be higher if you are using a lot of reverb or delays with many repeats. Therefore it is usually recommended to use these types of pedals in the effects loop of your amp, or after distortion / gain stages.

How long does the battery last?

You should get 4-6 hours of run time on a regular 9V alkaline battery. For on-stage performance you should use a regulated power supply.

What kind of power supply should I use with your pedals?

You should use a regulated 9VDC power supply such as the BOSS PSA type. The plug is 2.1mm and centre negative. The maximum current draw is 70mA. Use a 200mA or greater supply. Do not use unregulated adapters, AC output type, or adapters with different than 9V output. These will not work correctly and may damage your pedal!

I have a power supply with 1000mA (or some high number) output. Will it damage the pedal?

As long as the power supply is 9VDC regulated, a higher current output will not damage your pedal. Pedals will only draw as much current as they need, so make sure that the power supply that you choose can deliver at least that much. We recommend a 200mA supply for our pedals. The only situation where a higher output current rating might be a bad idea is for unregulated power supplies, which should not be used with most guitar pedals.

Are your pedals stereo? Do I need to use both outputs?

Some models of pedal have two outputs for stereo operation. You can get great stereo effects with two amps. But if you want to use a single amp, you can simply plug into one of the outputs. Both outputs on our stereo models also contain the dry signal.

What does "Pure Bypass" mean?

Kilpatrick pedals use electronic bypassing that reduces or eliminates thumps and pops when switching the pedal in and out of the circuit. We believe that this is superior to True Bypass pedals in most cases. Although the signal still passes through the preamp circuit in the pedal, it is very low noise and should not interfere with the rest of your rig. Keep in mind that power is drawn when in bypass mode, so if you are running on batteries, be sure to remove the input cord when you're not playing to save the battery.

My pedal makes funny / distorted noises!

The battery needs replacing or the power supply you are using is not correct.

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